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Weight Stigma

What is Weight Stigma?

Weight Stigma is Shame placed upon individuals based on weight or body size; Judgment and biases predetermined by weight, body size, lifestyle; Judgment of a person’s character, work ethics, and personality based on weight; Suffer prejudice and discrimination because of their weight; Inequalities in the employment, health-care, and educational settings due to negative stereotypes that overweight and obese persons are lazy and incompetent. It can be communicated both directly and indirectly with negative attitudes affecting interactions; Subtle and overt expressions.

Weight Stigma is bullying and teasing. Weight stigma is trauma. Making people slowly start to believe that these negative views of their bodies and lives are true. Slowly bringing people to believe that they aren't good enough. That they aren't worth it. Weight Stigma holds people back from living their lives for fear of judgement and shame from those around them. People don't get angry, they get ashamed and turn inward to themselves.

Weight Stigma plays off that the idea that Thin is ideal, and better. That thin people ARE better. That being thin will solve all your problems. That loosing that weight will be the answer to all your prayers. That being thin will make you happy.

But I'm here to tell you...

It won't make you happy. Being thin doesn't make you a good person. Being thin won't solve all your problems. And, it's not always possible. We are all individuals.

Happiness and who you are come from within.

Don't let outside forces affect how you view yourself.

And more importantly, don't let it hold you back from living your life.

For those of you struggling with poor body image,

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Remember you are worth it. You deserve to love your life, love your body, and most importantly, you deserve to love yourself again. Happiness is found within, it's a choice you make everyday, Let me help you make that choice.

Remember all sessions and consultations are confidential.​

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