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Mindful Eating

Do you eat by the clock or when your body says your hungry

Stress Eat, mindless grazing, overeat, eat fast, rush your meals and snacks...

Your body needs time to know your eating, and let you know it's full.

The faster you eat, the more you're likely to eat because your body hasn't had time to process what you're putting in.

Mindful eating is all about eating when you're hungry.

Be in touch with your body, and listen to when it's hungry.

Eat slow, savor the meal. Meals and food are meant to be enjoyed.

Ever considered that overeating is your body and mind trying to enjoy eating but you're not giving yourself a chance to?

Take a few days to slow down,

I'd love to hear if you notice a difference in your

mood, energy, and amount of food you eat!


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