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Election Feels: Our Country isn't Dead.

This isn't over. Our country isn't dead.

So we have a new president that you may not be thrilled about. You started your morning in mourning for what you think this country could have been. You're feeling sad, and fearful.

But what are you scared of?

All i'm scared of is the American people giving up. Giving up on their fight for what they believe in. What they think is right and what they think we need.

So we have a new elected president that doesn't have the same views as you?

Are you going to shut down in fear, and complain about where this country is going?

Or are you going to continue to stand up for yourself, and what you believe to be the right thing here.

We've always had to be strong. We've always had to be vocal.

Now we just have to be United as a people- be the ONE NATION we pledge ourselves to be when we look at that flag that represents who we are as a nation.

Stay Positive, and know that we can do anything if we do it together.

Stop looking at race, sex, age, and class - and start looking at our goals for the future and where we want to see this country go for future generations.

Together, we can do anything. Be United America.

It's 4 years, not for life.

So whether or not this was your choice, nothing is over.

We move forward starting today.


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