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Attitude changes Everything

Happy New Year Fit Friends!

Show a little Compassion... to yourself!

I've seen more negativity recently about body image, and how changes in our bodies have changed our views of ourselves. More and more people letting health conditions define who they are as people.

The only thing that defines us, is ourselves. Our pride, compassion, and self-love we feel when we look at ourselves in the mirror. The comments that little voice in our head has to say when we try on something new, or get ready for a date night, or step outside our comfort zone.

People managing health conditions who are back in the dating world, and believe that their condition defines who they are, and that people wont accept them as they are. How can someone accept you as you are IF YOU DON'T?! Love yourself. Show a little compassion to yourself. Wear who you are with pride, and don't let other people, or health conditions, or changes in your body define you.

When you let something or someone else define who you are, then are you really living?

This year my resolution isn't to loose weight, or "be skinny".

It's to love myself.

I want to Exercise more to Feel Strong and Powerful, not because I hate by body, but instead, because i LOVE my body

Whats Your New Years Resolution for 2017?

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