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Health isn't a goal...

Health isn't a goal. A goal is something you work towards. Something attainable. It has an end point. When you make health your goal, you're saying you want to obtain "health" and then move on and not think about it anymore.

Want to set a health goal? Set something you can conquer and then set a new goal when you get there! Want to lower your cholesterol? Want to loose 10 lbs? Want to lower your A1C? These goals all lead to "health", but the difference being, you can set these goals, reach them, and set a new goal to focus on next.

Being successful with a goal means you need to be able to reach it. It needs to be attainable. When you set "health" as your goal, your setting an umbrella goal, that really covers many things all at once! You're basically setting yourself up for failure. We all will always have something we want to improve upon when it comes to our health. Whether it's headaches, weight loss, weight management, weight gain, cholesterol, blood-sugar related issues, and more! So start where you need to, but be specific and give yourself the steps you need to ACTUALLY get there.


How to set a goal & Set action steps?

1. Think about what you want to accomplish, and make sure it's attainable.

2. Write 3 action steps you can take daily/weekly to help you reach your goal.

3. Be consistent and be honest as you work towards your goal.



Let's pretend I want to lose 5 lbs and that I currently never exercise, and i eat processed junk for snacks, and most of my meals are either take out or fast food. I go to bed late after 11 pm every night, and i wake up early by 6 am everyday!

My goal is to lose 5 lbs

1. Exercise 3x per week. ((It's important to keep it attainable to give yourself the feeling of success to keep you going. Make it challenging yet doable for you and your life. As 3x a week becomes a habit, you can up it to 4 or 5 days a week. But if you set the bar too high to start, your setting yourself up to fail again!))

2. Cook dinner 3x per week, and make enough for lunch the next day. Meal prep can be daunting for many who don't love to cook. It doesn't have to be hard, Cook once, eat twice. That's my motto!

3. Set a clear bedtime routine. Sleep is vital for weight loss. Aim to be in bed by 10, so when you get up at 6 am, you're getting the 7-8 hours recommended for adults!

By setting these steps, and following through, You're making small doable changes in your daily routine to put yourself on the path to success. As something becomes easy and habitual, it's important to realize it's time to reevaluate and set new goals or steps to reach your goal! Don't get stuck in what's comfortable! And if you are consistently not doing a step you set, reevaluate then too!

**This example is meant to show how to set attainable action steps only. Not meant to be followed or to guarantee results. This person was made up, and is not an actual depiction of anyone specific.**


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