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September Vibes...

When January rolls around, everyone is always posting "New Year, New You!"

...GUILTY i probably have, and I probably will too.

But here is some food for thought..

Why are we waiting for the new year, to transform our lives?

With the start of the new year we put all this pressure on ourselves to change and "have the best year ever" but why not now?

Why are we waiting until January, when this is the best time of the year?

You know- the gym isn't over crowded yet, and no one is watching you with nosey eyes to see if you stick with it! The kids are back in school and all us Moms, Dads, & Nannies are celebrating the end of a great summer and settling back into the quiet comfort of routine. No pressure. This is the calm before the storm. The Holiday Storm that is. When everyone starts to get stressed between family parties, holiday shopping, and the winter blues kick in.

So again i ask, why not now?

This October, I will be hosting a few group coaching sessions (6 weeks long), and a few classes here and there on different topics (TBD) to focus on MY health, and de-stress before the crazy starts up again.

Consider this your formal invitation to join in on the fun with me, and build those healthy habits and routines before everyone expects you to.

Be Happy. Be Healthy. Strive for Vitality.

xo Lauren


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